37 Items I Recommend to Every New Parent - 22 Words

2022-08-26 08:16:45 By : Ms. Jessica Sun

Becoming a first-time parent can be an incredibly daunting experience. Not only do you have to learn to adjust to life with another human being who is solely dependent on you, but you also need to learn how to ensure that your baby has the best life possible. 

With so many new responsibilities, figuring out what you need as a first-time parent can be incredibly challenging. There are many gimmicks and inferior products marketed as must-have items, so it’s essential to be careful. After all, your baby’s safety (like these safety straps) is likely your number one priority. 

That’s why I have made this list to help you cut through the many product lists that showcase products you don’t need, or that could be potentially hazardous. You’ll find 37 items I always recommend to every new parent on this list. 

Now you might find that you don’t need all of these items, but I can guarantee more than a handful of them will be useful (like this blanket) and make your life easier (like this special showerhead) while you adjust to parenthood.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon as we publish it!

There’s going to come a point when your baby is going to want to start testing their independence with self-feeding. It will be an incredibly scary experience for new parents, which is why you should consider buying this set of self-feeding safety utensils. This BPA-free set has been designed to promote self-feeding without you having to worry about choking hazards.

Breastfeeding is wonderful, but I’m not going to lie and say the experience is always enjoyable. Many women often suffer from clogged ducts and mastitis, which can be incredibly painful and debilitating. That’s why to prevent and soothe pain caused by breastfeeding; expectant moms need to get the ergonomic LaVie Lactation Massager. This waterproof and rechargeable massager will improve milk flow, help with common breastfeeding problems, and it’s easy to use.

Driving with your little one can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially for first-time parents. Fortunately, you can ease your nerves by installing the Greenco rear-facing back seat baby view mirror in your car. With this 360-degree rotating mirror in place, you can easily see what you’re little one is getting up to while ensuring they are safe.

I know just how incredibly difficult it can be to bathe a baby, so I tell first-time parents to get the Yookidoo baby bath shower head. Since this showerhead is specifically designed to bathe babies and toddlers, it makes less mess. Yet, what you’ll love most is that it only requires one hand to function and provides a gentle and soothing flow so as to not harm your child’s skin.

When you take your baby on walks around the block, you need to worry about more than applying sunscreen. You also need to ensure that no mosquitos can access your baby and bite them unless you want to be left with a fussing baby. To avoid this situation, you need only use this easy-to-install chemical-free stroller mosquito net that can fit most prams.

Normal toothbrushes will be too hard for your newborn’s teeth, so you should consider the Brilliant Tooth Tissues. These tissues will let you clean your baby gums without exposing them to harsh bristles or chemicals. Best of all, they are dentist designed, so they contain no fluoride or chemicals and are safe if swallowed.

When you’re a first-time parent, you’re not used to having to wake up at odd times of the day and night. Unfortunately, this sleep deprivation can lead to you forgetting what your baby needs. To avoid this situation, you can use this pocket timer to set reminders. This device will remind you when it’s time to feed, sleep, and change a dirty diaper.

As your baby grows into a boisterous toddler, he or she will start crawling and exploring. So, sooner or later, they start trying to open cabinets to see what’s inside. Luckily if you want to avoid a disaster and keep your child safe, you can use the easy-to-install Eco-Baby child safety magnetic cabinet and drawer locks. These locks will prevent little odds from getting into things they shouldn’t.

Babies have seemingly endless energy, so it can make changing a dirty diaper incredibly challenging. After all, a wriggling baby can be a safety risk or lead to an unpleasant mess. Fortunately, you can use the waterproof physician-designed PooPoose Baby Changing Pad to keep your child strapped in and secure while you take care of their diaper needs.

Babys love to play, so it’s natural that they will get dirty. When my baby was a toddler, they loved to make messes and stain every item of clothing they owned. Yet, although I couldn’t get the stains out of the clothing, I could clean them up with the Baby Buddy absorbent natural bath sponge. This hypoallergenic sea wool sponge will let you gently clean up your baby before bedtime.

Regulating a baby’s temperature is important, and an easy way to do this is to use a cozy cotton blanket like the Simka Rose Baby Waffle Blanket. This 100% cotton blanket is breathable and uber soft, so it’s suitable to use for your newborn and toddlers. Best of all, it’s designed to keep your baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

I know exactly how time-consuming it can be to sleep train a child as a first-time parent. One of the devices that came in handy during this difficult time was this sleep training alarm clock. This clock will help you establish healthy sleep patterns and is designed to only be switched off by a parent. Nice!

Nipple pain is no joke when you’re breastfeeding. Fortunately, you can soothe your lady bits with the Lavie organic nipple balm. This balm is made with five natural ingredients to ensure sore and cracked nipples are given the soothing attention they need.

I struggled to find spoons that would let me feed my child without exposing them to unnecessary chemicals until I came across the BPA-free Simka Rose silicone baby spoons. These spoons cause no harm to new teeth and have a unique end design feature that is gentle on teething gums.

You’ll soon realize that babies like to constantly be on the move when they learn to crawl, which can be frustrating when you have family visiting or events planned. Luckily if you use the easy-to-use POP ‘N GO Portable Baby Playpen, you can keep your baby safe while you accomplish important tasks.

New parents are often surprised by the sheer amount of baby items needed on a day out. That’s why I always recommend parents invest in a decent diaper bag like this one. Not only does it have multiple simple compartments for everything from diapers, baby food, and bottles to a first aid kit, but it is also lightweight and can be carried in three different ways.

Often through no fault of a mother, a milk supply can start to decrease. If you’re experiencing this, I suggest you try the LaVie duct flow tincture. This tincture will help promote your milk supply while also helping with engorgement and clogged milk ducts.

My kiddo has trouble breathing especially when she plays sports. So I got her this adorable pig nebulizer to help her breathe better. It’s used for ear, nose, and throat congestion, colds, allergies, and sinus issues. It’s super easy to use with or without adults present and even comes with a two-year warranty.

If your smart baby is learning how to self-feed, they will be messy, so if you want to make cleanup a breeze, you should consider getting the Grabease Allover Waterproof Bib. With this bib, your baby can be as messy as they like since you can contain all the mess to one location and clean it up easily.

Before your beautiful baby is born, you should consider purchasing the Baby Nest Designs closet dividers. With these durable floral-designed hangers, you can keep your baby clothes closet organized according to clothing sizes. From newborn to 24 months, these dividers will help you stay a little saner as you acclimate to being a new parent.

It’s no secret that swaddling is one of the best ways to keep your baby feeling safe, warm, and comfortable. Yet, not all swaddle products are ideal. That’s why I usually recommend the unisex Baby Merlin’s Cotton Magic Sleepsuit. This swaddle sleepsuit will help your baby sleep on their back while helping establish good sleeping patterns.

Trust me; you’re going to make a lot of fresh baby puree when you have a baby. Unfortunately, since your fresh baby pure will not have any preservatives, it will not last very long unless you can store it safely. Luckily with the easy-to-clean lidded Simka Rose baby food freezer storage tray, you can make the puree and freeze it to keep it fresh for baby meal prep!

As a first-time parent, it’s natural to get carried away when purchasing toys for your child. Unfortunately, there will come a point when you will need a place to store the many toys you buy. When it gets to that point, you should consider purchasing the Woffit Toy Storage Organizer Boxes. These easy-to-carry toy boxes will let restore order in your home while keeping all your child’s favorite toys in one location.

Small children love trying to pull high items like televisions, cupboards, and shelves down. To avoid injury, you should use the Bebe Earth anti-tip straps. These straps will anchor the furniture in your home and ensure your child isn’t injured when trying to pull things down.

My child loved to throw tantrums when they weren’t particularly happy with their meal. That’s why I invested in the Grabease divided silicone suction bowl. Since this bowl holds tight to a countertop, your child won’t be able to throw it around when they are in the midst of a temper tantrum.

Breastfeeding is beautiful, but I know that not all new first-time moms want prying eyes on them as they see to their baby’s needs. If you’re a mom like this, you will love using the Simka Rose breastfeeding cover. This cover is soft and stretchy and provides 360-degree coverage. What’s more, it also doubles as a car seat cover, a light blanket, and a stroller cover!

If you don’t want chemicals leaching into your homemade baby food, you should consider using the Superior Glass food storage containers. I love these containers because they have air-tight lids and can be placed in the freezer and the oven without breaking. Moreover, they’re also microwave and dishwasher safe!

You can trust that I know just how vital it is to keep a child safe and warm, which is why I always recommend the LA Active Baby Girls Tights. These tights have non-slip bottoms and are made of a warm and comfortable cotton blend. They’ll also stretch as your child grows, making them uber convenient!

Babys love to throw their toys and pacifiers on the floor where they can become a hazard. To avoid this situation, I used to use the Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy straps. With these machine washable straps, you can keep toys and pacifiers close to your baby’s hand by clipping them onto a high chair or even your little one’s foot. They’re handier than you think.

Children love to roam. As a first-time parent, you might not know just how quickly they can leave your side and sight. So to keep your child safely at your side, you should consider using the Baby Buddy Toddler Tether. This comfortable tether won’t hurt your child’s arm, so you don’t need to worry.

Regardless of how hard you try, your child will likely experience a few falls growing up. Luckily you can limit the severity of their injuries by using the Bebe Earth babyproofing edge and corner guard protectors. These easy-to-install protectors easily clip onto the corners of counters and coffee tables to protect your child’s head when they fall.

It can be difficult to keep your child’s attention on the food in front of them, especially if your baby likes to stare at anything their eyes find. With the colorful and interesting Zoo Friends Mealtime Melamine dishwasher-friendly feeding plates, you can keep your baby or toddler’s eyes on the food in front of them.

Oral hygiene is something you need to teach your children from a young age. I know how difficult this can be, especially when I was a first-time parent. Fortunately, I came across the Baby Buddy Infant Oral Care five-piece set. This set had everything I needed and has everything you need, including a cute and helpful storybook!

There are going to be a few times when you don’t have a bib handy. That’s why I recommend first-time parents keep the convenient Baby Buddy Bib Clips in their nappy bag. These bib clips can turn nearly anything into a bib for your child.

Should you not like the idea of your child’s bottom touching the toilet seat until they have built up their immune system, you might want to use these individually wrapped disposable toilet seat covers. These extra large covers protect your child’s skin and clothing, making them ideal for keeping on hand when using public restrooms.

You’re going to have to burp your baby multiple times a day for months. So to save your clothes and keep your baby’s sensitive skin safe, you should invest in Dodo Babies five pack baby burp cloths. These unisex organic cotton cloths are a must-have, in my opinion.

Cutting the perfect bite-sized baby-sized slices for your child can be challenging. After all, you don’t want your child to choke on a veggie or piece of fruit. You can use these convenient baby food scissors to prevent this scenario from occurring. Unlike other scissors, these ones allow you to prepare your baby’s food in safe-sized portions.

Eventually, your little one will grow up into a toddler and want to have playdates with their friends. It can be incredibly easy to feel stressed when this happens, but you don’t need to feel this way. With the Svan Kid’s all-in-one convertible indoor and outdoor picnic, sand, and water activity table, your child and their friend can keep themselves busy.