37 Genius Products Under $30 Every Parent Will Want to Try ASAP - 22 Words

2022-08-26 08:16:47 By : Mr. Jack Liu

Being a parent is one of life’s purest joys – but that isn’t to say it’s easy! In fact, any parent will vouch for the fact that looking after a little one is one of the trickiest jobs on Earth! But with great power comes great responsibility – and the pressure to be the best parent you possibly can is difficult to manage.

Luckily, there are strategies to help you to cope. Having some truly genius parenting products on hand can make all the difference in terms of taking the pressure off of your parenting style. We’ve ensured that each and every item on our list costs under $30. So if you’re looking for some extra parenting help without breaking the bank, well, look no further!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon as we publish it!

Keep prying hands from accessing anything potentially dangerous with these easy-to-install child locks! The reviews say: “I bought these to keep my cats and 2-year-old out of cupboards. They are easy to install and work really well.”

Get yourself the gift of some peace of mind thanks to this fabulous on-the-go monitoring device. The reviews say: “Honestly, this thing made life SO MUCH EASIER for an anxious and/or sleepy NEW momma.”

It’s not just perfectly designed to support the baby’s head, but the cute pattern makes bedtime a pleasure, too. The reviews say: “I needed 2 pillows for decorative purposes for toddlers. They came packaged very well and were spotlessly clean. I haven’t used them so can’t speak to durability but they are exactly what I wanted.”

Babies can really get through pillows, so make sure you never run short by stocking up now! The reviews say: “My daughter is almost 2 years old. She has been trying to use the pillows on our bed since she was about eighteen months old. We got these once we felt safe and comfortable with it and so glad we did.”

Keep your baby’s teeth clean and sanitary without hurting them with these healthy and cleansing teeth wipes! The reviews say: “I have used this product with all my children, and started them at 2 weeks old. Everyone knows how little ones get the white milk film on their tongues; well – this helps. It doesn’t eliminate entirely but does get some of it off and generally helps keep the mouth clean.”

The 360 design on this brush makes it far easier to reach all of your baby’s teeth for maximum cleanliness! The reviews say: “This is our second Grabease toothbrush and we are absolutely in love!!”

Keep your little one’s hands free from dangerous snags and hangnails with this long-lasting glass nail file. The reviews say: “Great, works like magic.”

Installing this mirror in your car can offer some serious reassurance when traveling with a little one on board. The reviews say: “This is my first baby mirror but I’m pretty sure it’s one of the best. Very clear reflection and super easy to install. Also, I appreciated that they reached out to make sure we received our package on time and that we were satisfied. A+ customer service!!! I’ll be purchasing a second one for my husband’s car.”

The spoons come in all the colors of the rainbow and have fun, stimulating textures for your baby! The reviews say: “These spoons are adorable. I wanted an option to have as we started to feed my daughter. She is teething and we let her feed herself. Having multiple spoons to preload and not worrying about getting them tossed is nice. She is content just chewing on the spoon and grabbing them well. I throw them in our top basket but they’ve gone in the regular silverware tray and done just fine in the dishwasher. I would purchase again as a gift etc!”

They’re cozy, offer some grip, and even have fun slogans on the soles! The reviews say: “These baby socks are just super adorable and a great gift to give for Christmas when you live in such a cold environment. I also love the fact that it came in its very own cute box ready for wrapping.”

Keep bugs and debris at bay when taking your baby for a walk with this easy-to-install mosquito net! The reviews say: “This is exactly what I wanted. The holes are actually smaller than the net from mockingbird, so I prefer this one over the one from mockingbird stroller company. The simple drawstring and elastic cord make it easy to use, and I like that it comes with a little bag – it takes a minute to stuff it back in there, but it works and stores small enough that I can keep it in the cupholder on the stroller.”

The special star shapes on the handles mean these utensils are free from choking hazards! The reviews say: “Got this set for my grandson who is almost one. The size is perfect for his hands. At this stage he cannot scoop or stab food, but if you place it on spoon or fork he can feed himself. Just the right size for little mouths and not a choking hazard like longer utensils. Very pleased with purchase!”

It’s not just adorable, but it helps make it easier to give your little one a more effective wash! The reviews say: “Our daughter has really enjoyed it and it does make bath time for our newborn more fun and enjoyable for everyone. No complaints here.”

If you’re struggling with breastfeeding, this massager can make all the difference in relieving pressure and pain. The reviews say: “Since I started using 2 massagers, I’ve noticed that the frequency and severity of my blockages have also gone down quite a bit. I’m definitely a fan!”

These pillows are specially designed to support your little one’s head safely and comfortably! The reviews say: “I’m happy to report that these pillows from Celeep are really perfect! They are the right amount of ‘fluffy’ without being obnoxious, and are just the right size for both my one-and-a-half-year-old AND my 3-and-a-half-year-old to have one. I have just thrown them into the washer and dryer to clean them. I recommend using a tennis ball or dryer ball in the dryer to help them keep their shape.”

Store your excess baby food safely with these glass, airtight containers in perfect miniature size! The reviews say: “These are great food storage containers, and a bargain for the price. I use them almost every day, and I like them so much that I bought a second set. I don’t use them for baby food – just for general food storage. They’re perfect for portion control, snacks, dips, condiments, small amounts of leftovers, lunchboxes, etc. I prefer glass containers to plastic because they’re easy to clean and don’t get scratched or stained. I’ve used these in the microwave, oven (without lids), refrigerator, and freezer. The lids are very secure and leakproof.”

For those who want to breastfeed on the go, this blanket can be a real godsend. The reviews say: “Originally purchased this to use more as a car seat cover, but now I mostly use it as a nursing cover. It’s so soft and comfortable, and makes nursing in public so much easier! I originally had a different nursing cover in a different style (the GO by Goldbug Target nursing cover), but I ended up preferring this one since that fabric always felt the neck opening was too wide and would easily fall off my shoulders more while nursing. With this cover, the fabric is stretchy, which makes it easy to slip baby in and out of there while still keeping you covered up.”

These tiny, velvet-covered hangers can be the first step towards a genuinely organized toddler closet! The reviews say: “Gave to my daughter, she will be having her first baby in June!”

These sea sponges can effectively and efficiently bathe your child without irritating their delicate skin! The reviews say: “Wonderful product. Natural sea sponges are perfect for babies. They have enzymes that inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. Sea sponges also gently exfoliate which is ideal for newborns who normally shed skin during the first couple of weeks. I would buy this brand over and over again.”

The clever shape of this bib will catch any spills or dribbles and keep your kid’s clothing cleaner for longer! The reviews say: “I wish I would have found these sooner! I am a new mom and I had gone through several brands of other bibs, and it was such a pain cleaning them! I sometimes rather have not used the bib and just cleaned the baby! These bibs are gold!!!”

This fun-colored eating tray has a special place for a dip, making it well-suited for many meals. The reviews say: “My kids love these. I use them some nights for chicken nuggets and ketchup and in my daughters lunch for fruit and dip. She is 6 and can manage the lids by herself and gets a kick out of using this.”

Adding these caps over cans or cartons can help stop clumsy hands from creating a mess. The reviews say: “I have been using these for years they are great!”

Keep your bigger furniture safely secured to the wall with these easy-to-install straps. The reviews say: “Long, strong straps. Pretty much exactly what I was looking for.”

Babies can have closets filled with clothes of varying sizes, but these closet rings can keep stuff in place. The reviews say: “I’ve been in the nesting phase with a need to organize everything! These closet organizers are awesome. I have a standard closet and had no issues putting in my baby’s nursery closet. It is so awesome to separate and organize clothes with ease. The gray color is nice and gender neutral. I love that the sizes go all the way up to size 8 so I can use for years to come! I just wish I knew about these with my first child!”

Create quick and easy bite-size pieces without having to get out a knife and board with these scissors! The reviews say: “I love these scissors for cutting foods into toddler-size bites. I use them at home a lot but I DEFINITELY recommend them for restaurants.”

If you’re struggling with breastfeeding, this is a dietary supplement with some rave reviews. The reviews say: “Out of desperation, I bought this product. Every time I feel a clog coming on, I take a dose or 2 during the day. When I wake up the next morning, it’s gone. I feel a renewed determination to keep breastfeeding. For any mom who is struggling, I would recommend trying it. It works for me.”

Attach your kid’s pacifier to this elastic strap and ensure they never lose it again! The reviews say: “Mostly wanted to buy this product for the extra clips for my daughter’s pacifiers and because I liked the colors and prints. After receiving the product and having used it for a while I can say I would highly recommend it. The clip straps feel very thick and durable and not like they might break after a few uses.”

This bag is designed to have space for everything you could possibly need, meaning you can stay organized with ease! The reviews say: “This was THE PERFECT addition to our stroller for our Disney World vacay! It held drinks, snacks, 5 ponchos, a first aid kit, a stroller rain cover, sunblock, glow sticks, and various other goodies throughout the trip.”

They don’t just help out with closet organization, but can add some beautiful floral decor to a closet, too. The reviews say: “They look like they work just fine. They’re pretty and functional, and I’m hoping this will help my husband figure out which clothes to use when, and where to put away our upcoming newborn’s clothes.”

Keep your nipples feeling comfy during breastfeeding with this all-natural balm! The reviews say: “I just had my fourth baby. I nursed all 4. I never did a nipple cream. This made nursing a walk in the park. Instead of 6 weeks of sore nipples, it was a week! That’s it! Every nursing mom needs this. Plus, this stuff makes an amazing hand cream. Saved my cracking knuckles. Fabulous product!!!!”

The waffle print is amazingly chic, plus it comes in a huge range of colors to suit your home style. The reviews say: “I bought this blanket for my new grandson due in May. It was a surprise for his mom. It far exceeded my expectations. Soft and textural with a deep rich color. Mama loved it. We can hardly wait to wrap our new little man in the truly lovely blanket.”

This easy-to-install hammock means there’s no longer any excuse for your nursery being a mess! The reviews say: “Great toy storage adds cute decor to the room!”

It’s a clock, a nightlight, and a fun canine pal all in one – what more could you want? The reviews say: “The Gods have bestowed upon us non-deserving parents the most amazing item in the entire world.”

These cute animal plates make dinnertime more enjoyable – plus, there’s space for all your different foods! The reviews say: “These plates have held up well. Washed in the dishwasher on the bottom rack and they have done fine. My kids love these plates.”

There’s nothing worse than accidentally activating a childlock on yourself – but these magnetic keys can help save the day! The reviews say: “Way cheaper than the additional Safety 1st magnets they sell as 1, 2, and 3 packs and work just the same. They also allow you to reverse the magnet in the cradle/holder if you need to fix the polarity.”

This little sheath can be used on a finger to help clean a baby’s mouth safely and without any pain! The reviews say: “Designed and recommended by dentists; baby essentials for healthy mouths; a good start to dental hygiene.”

They come in a wide range of shades, and comfy and cozy, and even have an extra rubberized grip for safe toddling! The reviews say: “These are great! I have been searching for thick warm tights for my 2 month old daughter. She’s really petite so some of the others we have tried were way too big for her. A lot of 0-3 month sizes are too big, but these are just perfect. They are super warm, definitely for cooler weather, she can get a little sweaty in them if it’s warmer out.”