• Modular Construction Technology Comes Far and Fast During the Pandemic – Commercial Observer

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    Six years ago, 461 Dean Street — then and now the nation’s tallest modular apartment building at 32 stories — opened its doors on Flatbush Avenue in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The 363-unit tower had been p

  • Channapatna toy makers have been hit badly by the lockdown - The Hindu

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    A tableau of dolls at a Republic Day parade

    Bhagyamma takes visible pride in showing her artisan card. On any other day, the 40-year-old would be busy working from home, earning ₹500 a day selling wooden beads for car seat covers. “I also make toys and key chains from wood,” says

  • Ine Village, Kyoto’s Rustic Fishing Town | JAPAN Forward

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    Culture Economy & Tech History Politics & Security

    Since the 1700’s, local fisherman have built their wooden, thatched-roof homes right on the water.

    The town of Ine is located approximately 130km north

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    It's a myth that rabbits are docile and dumb. Just like any other pet, bunnies are individuals with their own personalities, forms of expression, and emotional intelligence. And just like any other pet,

  • Teether Helps Kids with Down Syndrome Develop Eating, Speaking Skills | Medgadget

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    December 19th, 2019 Medgadget Editors Pediatrics

    Young children with Down syndrome can have poorly developed muscles and a tongue that tends to stick out of the mouth. This can make eating and speaking difficult, often leading to slower deve

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    Home / Baby / Baby Shopping Guide

    As a mama who's cruised through this phase a few times already and made it to the other side, I've realized there's nothing more appreciated than a friend who says "I see you, and it gets easier. I promise."

  • This Adorable Mushroom Garland Comes Entirely From the Dollar Store - Home &amp; Garden News

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    Crafty DIY projects have become the highlight of Halloween, and the best place to find what you need is probably the Dollar Tree. This place offers so many random things, your creativity can run wild. Since it's almost fall, many people like to decorate their houses resembling earthy colo

  • Combined Shape

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    A Liberty Twp. mom and artist has unanimous five-star ratings from customers for her teething and “fidgeting” jewelry she creates and sells on the online marketplace Etsy.com.

    Amy Schelfaut started selling her new line of products on the Internet in September and has sold about 165 i

  • Best toys for 1 year olds for fun and development | Evening Standard

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    Encourage development skills through fun and engaging play, with these brilliant toys for 12 month old boys and girls

    hoosing a toy for a one year old child can be difficult – what can they actually play with?

    Well, there’s a lot going on in that tiny person and playtime form