Kiss the popular animal shape jelly jelly

Carton SizeProduct nameCarton Sized(m)Product nameCarton Sized(m)Mini Yellow Duck Jar Jelly0.48*0.307*0.208Yellow Dog Jar Jelly0.52*0.335*0.26Mini Rabbit Jar Jelly0.48*0.307*0.208Yellow Chicken Jar Jelly0.525*0.34*0.29Mini Blue Cow Jar Jelly0.52*0.32*0.18White Panda Jar Jelly0.535*0.32*0.26Mini Owl Jar Jelly0.535*0.35*0.17Pink P

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Qinqin Popular Animal Shaped Jar Jelly with Assorted Fruit Flavors

Carton Size
Product nameCarton Sized(m)Product nameCarton Sized(m)
Mini Yellow Duck Jar Jelly0.48*0.307*0.208Yellow Dog Jar Jelly0.52*0.335*0.26
Mini Rabbit Jar Jelly0.48*0.307*0.208Yellow Chicken Jar Jelly0.525*0.34*0.29
Mini Blue Cow Jar Jelly0.52*0.32*0.18White Panda Jar Jelly0.535*0.32*0.26
Mini Owl Jar Jelly0.535*0.35*0.17Pink Pig Jar Jelly0.535*0.32*0.26
Mini Blue Flower Bear Jar Jelly0.48*0.325*0.163Yellow Cow Jar Jelly0.54*0.36*0.28
Mini Coffee Bear Jar Jelly0.48*0.325*0.163Coffee Monkey Jar Jelly0.485*0.345*0.275
Mini Yellow Rabbit Jar Jelly0.48*0.307*0.208Owl Jar Jelly0.49*0.355*0.24
Mini Pink Bear Jar Jelly0.48*0.325*0.163Orange Hamster Jar Jelly0.465*0.365*0.275
Mini Pink Rabbit Jar Jelly0.48*0.307*0.208Orange Dragon Jar Jelly0.525*0.35*0.31
Mini Coffee Bear Jar Jelly0.48*0.325*0.163Yellow Duck Jar Jelly0.485*0.325*0.305
Mini Pink Pig Jar Jelly0.48*0.325*0.163  
Mini Owl Jar Jelly0.535*0.35*0.170  

About Qinqin

Since 1990's, Qinqin has been specializing in R&D, production and distributing of jelly and puffed food.

In Jinjiang City, Fujian Province where our headquarters bases, we started our business, under the brand Qinqin.

Through years' dynamic development, Qinqin has been a leading brand, got top 1, 2 and 4 market share separately for prawn cracker, Jelly and wheat puffed snack in China. Meanwhile, Qinqin is awarded with "China Well-Known Trademark", "the Top 500 Chinese Brands", "China National Food Industry Leading Enterprise".

Apart from brand Qinqin, OEM plays an important role in business scope. Qinqin firstly started OEM with Pringles from 2005. Because of quality, price, leading time and service, it attracts more and more eyes now.

In 2016, Qinqin listed at Hengseng Index and now owns 10 production bases, with total of 2000 employees.

The company is certified with ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP.

Innovation, Quality, Delicacy, is our business identity. To reach such excellency, Qinqin has been investing handsomely on product, production standardization, and lean management. In 2019, ORIHIRO, the top one konjac drinking jelly manufacturer from Japan cooperated with Qinqin, introducing its last innovative production line with state-of-the-art technology to China, with which, Qinqin provides market with preserver free Jelly. In the same year, SAP was applied internally for workflow efficiency. This enables us to serve our valued customers even better.

Qinqin practices its company Philosophy always and fulfills its mission as a company that brings Better Food, Better Life via delicious and healthy products.

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